Paparazzi Black Fringe Earrings Piercing Jewelry Cartilage Tragus Daith Lip Rook 3mm Curved Barbell 18g



These Curved Barbell are made of 316L SURGICAL STEEL which means they are easy to clean and they wont rust or cause irritation.

These EYE-CATCHING Curved Barbell Earrings are comfortable to wear yet sexy and striking.

IDENTICAL SIZING allows you to wear these Curved Barbell Jewelry in Eyebrow, Tragus, Bridge, Cartilage, Helix, Lobe, Nose, Snug, Pinna , Rim, Rook, Snake Bites, Belly, Daith, Nipple and a mix of other piercings.

The color of these Curved Barbell Piercing means they will MATCH WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO WEAR.

2Pcs of 18g (1mm) 5/16 (8mm) 316L Surgical Steel Curved Barbell Stud, 3mm Clear crystal ball.

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