Pear Earrings BIG GAUGES Pair Screw-Fit Flesh Tunnels Lizard Piercing Jewelry Black Anodized Steel Zero Gauge 8mm



QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL – Surgical steel is used in our Screw Tunnel; its implant grade and biologically compatible which means it wont irritate. Surgical steel is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

ANODIZED COATING – This coating applied to these screw tunnels not only helps reduce the chance of infection, but it provides a durable color that is resistant to fade or tarnish.

UNISEX AND UNIQUE TO US – Anyone can wear these ear tunnels screw, and they suit any occasion. Theyre a great all-around choice.

EASY TO USE – The simple screw design on these ear tunnel screw makes them simple to put in and take out.

YOU RECEIVE A pair of 0g Gauge 8mm Black Anodized Surgical Steel ear gauges screw laser cut lizard on front.

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