Spiral Piercing Cartilage Asap Rocky Earrings Earring Lip Tragus Eyebrow Hoop Helix Twisted Bar Surgical Steel Studs 3mm bodyjewellery 4pcs 16g



QUALITY STEEL – Our spiral piercing are made of implant grade 316L Surgical Steel. This type of steel is CORROSION RESISTANCE.

EASY TO PUT IN C These spirals gauges design offers pain free insertion and can be used in many different piercings.

MULTI USES – You can use these spiral lip rings 16 gauge for Cartilage, Helix, Lobe, Nose, Pinna, Rim, Tragus, Eyebrow, Labret, Snake Bite, Spider Bite, Auricle, Belly, Navel and more. However, please check your piercing size.

QUALITY AND SAFE C Our black anodized surgical stainless steel spiral piercing will never get infected.

WHAT’S INCLUDED – 4 pieces of 16g (1.2mm) spiral barbell with 3mm cones. 2 pieces of 16g (1.2mm) 5/16 inch (8mm) 316L Surgical Steel twisted barbell with 3mm cones. 2 pieces of 16g (1.2mm) 5/16 inch (8mm) Black Anodized spiral piercing jewelry 3mm cones.

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