Stainless Steel Black Industrial Barbell Stud Plug 5mm Sunflower Earrings



SURGICAL STEEL is the material of this industrial piercing jewelry mens. The implant grade 316L Surgical Steel industrial barbell surgical steel black is Bio-Compatible, CORROSION RESISTANCE, EASY TO CLEAN.

QUALITY METAL in these earring industrial bar means secure screw threads which industrial piercing studs 14g gives you confidence in their hold.

SECURE FASTENING industrial barbell earrings gives you confidence that these shiny ridgeless industrial earrings bar will stay put for extended wear.

SIMPLE SCREW ATTACHEMENT industrial barbell 14g balls makes these industrial barbell jewel easy to put in and remove.

YOU WILL GET Two pieces of 14g (1.6mm) 1 1/2 (38mm) Black Anodized Surgical Steel industrial piercing studs 5mm Black anodized ball end.

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